Last summer, when we published the latest issue of SUdergi only on iSabancı Media, we as the production team had taken a difficult step.  Our journal had been in print since 2007, but now it was only going to be available in digital format.  We had mentioned the inevitability of using what the digital world had to offer.  We had spoken of a flexible structure leading to fewer but more current and better thought-out articles.  We put in tremendous effort with our publishing coordinator Melek Sarı.  Marketing and Institutional Communication Director Berna Özkul made valuable contributions by suggesting topics and expediting the creative processes needed for a totally new journal.

Melek Sarı - Berna Özkul - Elif Gülez

SUdergi now has a completely new design and will be published as a tablet magazine on DPS (Digital Publishing Suite).  You will be able to download our magazine on the Apple Store and read it on your iPad and iPhone devices.  The magazine will also be viewable on the web.

When a publication is on the Apple Store, everyone has access to it, not just Sabancı University members.  With a change in prospective readership, some changes in concept and content were called for.  This was a sizable portion of our preparation efforts.  


We hope you are as excited about our new magazine as we are.


Elif Gülez